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Over 30 years at senior executive positions all over the world specialising in accelerating change

Key Skill?

An ability to see the big picture, understand stakeholders, evaluate and make decisions that others will not. A fresh, experienced and independent view.


Using experience of multiple industries, cross border cultures, stakeholder management and performance metrics typically required.

Albert May

A Cambridge University postgraduate, entrepreneur, business owner, corporate executive director, strategist, negotiator and a former KPMG London consulting managing partner with over 30 years’ global experience.

Albert has successfully established a variety of business start-ups, listed a major company on the New York Stock exchange and managed renewable energy, strategy consulting and information technology service companies in the UK, Asia, Middle East and Africa. He has managed and directed teams of up to 800 staff with an annual turnover under his responsibility in excess of USD 170m.

With senior roles all over the world Albert has the experience and skills to build, develop, manage, turnaround and improve multi-cultural businesses in a wide range of business sectors.

If I had it to do over again, I would have done it faster.
William Zuendt - President of Wells Fargo commeting on their takover of Bancorp



6:29 pm

Comments on Tax Avoidance from the UK Commissioner of Income Tax – Edward Troupe

Earlier this week I was fortunate to be able to attend a senior tax specialist’s…

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9:57 am

Tax Negotiation

In the course the last 2 years MayConsulting has settled LLP enquiries for 6 major…

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Mergers & Aquisitions

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2:59 pm

Business Transformation

Will you change? The normal response will be NO, then NO, and then NO, NO, NO…

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Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy
Norman Schwarzkopf


Delivery of breakthrough business improvement to companies needing to restructure. Companies preparing for or undertaking mergers and acquisitions. Companies requiring acceleration of complex change programmes. Groups of individuals that need complex negotiation settlement.
Strategic Direction

We assist with results focused consensus building and direction setting

Change Management

Managing the speed of change is what we are good at

Coaching & Mentoring

We aim to bring the best out of executives and managers

Financial Positioning

We aim to provide tangible improvements in financial results by working with all stakeholders

Do not tackle difficult problems with inadequate resources
Sun Tzu - The Art of War (c 500BC)

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MayConsulting: Seeing the bigger picture, getting to the point, getting you the result you need.
Albert May